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I Inherited a House in Austin, TX. Now What?

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I’ve inherited a house….now what? It’s a question many face when they suddenly inherit a house without any prior knowledge on the situation. In this article, I will inform you of everything you need to consider if you’ve inherited a house. Inheriting a house can be a fortune for some and a headache for others. There are several things you can do when you’ve inherited a house – move in,

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How to Sell an Inherited House in Austin, TX

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How To Sell an Inherited House Made Simple Inheriting a property is a bittersweet experience. Although it might mean acquiring a house that could drastically improve your life, it also means that a loved one has passed. There’s a lot to consider if you don’t want it, like knowing if you should sell an inherited house or not. Grieving is a difficult process, and dealing with your newly acquired property

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Inherited a House? Here Are Your Options!

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So, you’ve inherited a house? Do you find yourself thinking, “I inherited a house, now what?” First of all, congratulations! We understand inheriting a house might be a stressful situation for some, but you don’t need to worry. We broke down your options and explored pros and cons. We also provided further steps you need to take after you make your decision. So let’s go! First thing’s first. HuffingtonPost states

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Selling a House in Probate in Austin, TX

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Quite often individuals are left with a family home as a result of the passing of a loved one. This means you’ve likely inherited a house. In many cases, this means that it is a second home and not one that they wish to keep so they want to sell it. When the Will is going through probate, the heirs often want to sell the house…even while the house is

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Inheriting a House in Austin, TX

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Inheriting a house is a bittersweet experience. While you’ve gained new property that can drastically improve your standard of living, you’ve also lost a loved one. Making rational and financially sound decisions while you’re grieving can seem impossible, especially if you’re inheriting a house from a parent. Yet, with knowledge, guidance, and a little planning, you can make positive life changes in the wake of a heartbreaking loss. Inheriting a

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What is Probate on a House in My Area?

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Introduction to Probate on a House in If you have inherited a house, or became an executor/executrix of a will, you need to know what probate on a house is? This is a legal process. Probate on a house is intended to prove that the will outlines the last wishes of the deceased. If claims against the will arise they will be dealt with through the probate process. Probate on a

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What is an Affidavit of Heirship?

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Wondering what is a affidavit of heirship? In this article, I’ll explain what it means and how it’s used to sell an inherited house when a will does not exist. I will also provide you with several affidavit samples you can use to draft your form. What is a affidavit of heirship? A declaration and an identifier of the heirs of a deceased person. As simple as that. With an affidavit form,

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Can You Sell a House Before Probate in Texas?

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Selling a House Before Probate Many residents of find themselves looking for information about selling a house before probate. This is either because they have inherited a house through a will or have been named as executor in this document. This is a situation that raises the need to find answers to several important questions. One of those important questions is “can you sell a house before probate is granted?”

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Can You Sell a House Without Probate in Texas?

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In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about selling a house without probate. We will also look at how probate works, how you can sell a house before and without probate and how Affidavit of Heirship, Small Estate Affidavit and Judicial Determination of Heirship work. But, first thing’s first. What is a probate? First, let’s look at what a probate sale means. The dictionary identifies several meanings

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