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Fiver sellers


SEO scams are everywhere. Anyone with a new small business is eventually going to tumble into the rabbit hole of SEO, and with good reason, at some point it will be vital to growing your business. But like all marketing, its going to take some time to master.  Enter low cost link building that promises to get on the front page of google fast.


Sounds too good to be true, but you are tempted(btw its going to cost you more than $5 on fiverr). What happens if you ask a few sellers for for samples of their links? (links in and of themselves are not bad)


sample list of links


As you can see, what they are doing is trying to use high authority domains like edu, sony, amazon and user profiles that have the ability to link back to a site.


Here is one link example:

Kindle profile with link

You can see the words addiction,recovery,heroin,addi in the profile. Clearly these are the words they are trying to rank for this site for.

But google is crafty.  What happens if we test this site to see if its been penalized and will no longer show up in ANY search results?

Penalty Checker


Oye.  So Long to your money AND your domain!


Moral of the story?

Save your money and don’t believe anyone when they tell you they can get your to page one of google results.

Instead of wasting your time and money on the promise of quick ranking, do it the old fashion way.

  • Find blogs and sites already related to your industry and start commenting there
  • Add value by creating your own blog or content
  • Search out your local chamber of commerce and link from that
  • Find other professionals in your industry and start exchanging links


Also spend your time following some common sense SEO advice on Improving Your Google Rankings Without Getting Penalized

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